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The Cruisers Monday Ride - Sept 11 2017

Meet the Cruisers, the Pedallers over 60's women's group. A lovely bunch of southern women who like to mix socialising with their cycling. Everyone is welcome on the Cruiser's Monday rides, especially newbies to cycling who are looking for a supportive group ride. Read on to hear ride reports from Erynne, Janet and Sharon - from their Monday 11th Sept ride.

Cruisers: Erynne A, Penny W, Sandra B, Sharon B, Anne Mack, Kim M.

Coffee: Kathy T, Janet L.

Here is a ‘selfie’ of the three of us who "braved the conditions" and rode on Monday (after a very enjoyable and long tete-a-tete with the girls at The Boatshed).

IMG 5050

Sandra, Erynne, Penny

Kim did a ride by herself while we had our pre-ride coffees.

It was a very muddy ride to the golf course and back (I have cleaned my bike!) but great to get some exercise after being snow/house bound for most of the weekend.

 Wonderful to have bubbly Sandra back in the pack - thankfully she is almost 100% again and of course as zippy (I didn’t say lippy) as ever.

Happy pedalling, Erynne.

It was a cold damp morning after a weekend of snow and sleet. Some brave ladies turned up, but the consensus was coffee looked more inviting, so we adjourned to the Boatshed!
Cheers Janet

Six hardy souls met at the Boat Shed cafe for our Monday ride. It was x!#<?* cold and we were greeted with rain and freezing wind on our arrival, so we decided the best bet was coffee first.

We were welcomed into a very warm cosy cafe - our table decorated with a large bunch of colourful daffodils, which helped our mood on such a gloomy day.

After coffee, and having put health issues, politics and celebrity-watching to bed, Sandra, Penny and Erynne went for a ride.

I came home and made a fruit cake.

Cheers Sharon


photo1 Cruisers

Cruisers at the Boat Shed Cafe (Kim was out riding!)

 If you are interested in joining the Queenstown Pedallers or The Cruisers on any of their weekly rides please do get in touch with Peter - [email protected].