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Our Cycling Community

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I was fortunate enough to get out on the trail yesterday, to catch up with Peter of the Queenstown Pedallers, and whilst we were chatting about all things bike related, I was reminded what a wonderful community we live in. As bikers – from every different discipline – there are like-minded, enthusiastic, generous people at every turn, with a simple love for all things two wheels.

There are several active groups in the community who are sharing their passion for cycling in various ways. From helping a new rider to feel more confident on their bike by sharing a few tips and skills, to swinging a pick during a volunteer evening to build some stunning new single-track. Or donating old bikes for a child’s enjoyment, or by providing a fun, friendly and supportive environment for young women to try new mountain bike tracks – the efforts of locals are many and wide-ranging.

Then there’s the fundraising, lobbying and negotiating for the creation of more and more trails around the Wakatipu Basin. All of these groups and individuals are facilitating a huge growth in the participation and enjoyment of biking in ways big and small.

With the challenges of a growing Queenstown, being able to ride around more safely, on an extensive trail network, is going to be beneficial to everyone, of all ages. Cycling connects our communities in so many more ways than just physically - so get out there, get involved and get on your bike today!  


If you have a similar heart-warming community of two-wheeled enthusiasts, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch by sending me an email: [email protected]