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Introducing Todd Heffernan

We love to meet our trail users and this month we caught up with Aussie holiday maker Todd Heffernan. Todd was recently holidaying in Queenstown with his family and was absolutely blown away by Queenstown's natural beauty and of course what better way to see it than by bike...

Todd Heffernan3


WHO: My name is Todd Heffernan, I am from Tamworth, NSW, Australia.

WHAT BRINGS YOU TO THE QUEENSTOWN TRAIL TODAY? I love mountain bike riding and trail running . I am a type 1 diabetic for over 30 years. I came to Queenstown with my wife and two young boys. I wanted to experience the Queenstown Trails on a mountain bike, which I hired from Cycle Higher in Queenstown, it is a Marin Pinewood Mountain with the 27.5+ tyres it was really fun to ride on the trails with. So I guess you could call this an adventure ride, but fitness is my main goal for better diabetes control.

WHICH TRAIL ARE YOU ON? The trail I did was from Queenstown up to Gibbston. I left at 9:30am and got back at about 5pm. This pic was near Thompsons Hill in the part that goes through the deer fence.

WHAT DID YOU ENJOY THE MOST? I had lunch at the Bungy Bridge and I really enjoyed watching people jump off bungy jumping. My favourite part of the trail is the Old Shotover bridge and also the Edgar Bridge with the spectacular canyons along the Kawarau River, I really love the fresh water that flows from the mountains down into the Lake Wakatipu it's something very unique and inspiring to me, I also love the snow-capped mountains.

Hoping to get back next year for my third visit, I tell all my friends that the Queenstown Trail is like nothing I have ever experienced as far as natural beauty goes and also most importantly the work and money that has obviously been invested to create suspension bridges and hard packed trail is phenomenal.

WHAT ARE YOU RIDING? I hired a Marin Pinewood Mountain with the 27.5+ tyres from Cycle Hire.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE QUEENSTOWN TRACK? One morning I ran from Peppers Beacon (Lake Esplanade, Queenstown) around the Lake Wakatipu towards the Kelvin Heights Golf Course then back to the Water Taxi at the Hilton, that was incredible as well.  Was back at Peppers to head out with the family for the rest of the day.


It's incredible to hear such stories from trail users visiting Queenstown and it really makes us proud to be able to call Queenstown our home AND as locals have such easy access to these awe-inspiring trails. If you'd like to feature in #talesfromthetrail get in touch with [email protected]