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GUEST BLOG - The Pedallers Summer Solstice Ride

zig zags 3

A few hardy Queenstown Pedallers wanted to do something different for the Summer Solstice that they would always remember, and setting the alarm clock in the hour of five (am) to go for a ride is a good way to start!

Here's a great write up of the ride by Charlotte:

On the Monday Cruisers’ ride, Sarah announced her intention to welcome the Summer Solstice by riding up the Crown Range zig zag at 5:45am the next day!
Well, it was 2 days too early for the actual Summer Solstice. But since she was headed back to Invercargill soon, her schedule had to overrule the annual calendar, she reasoned.
Undaunted by the 5:45am start, a few brave but enthused souls showed up at the crack of dawn - Sarah B, Rhonda S, Katrina G, Lorne and Charlotte G. Perhaps Katrina was the bravest, out to test ride her spanking new Scott bike on this hill!

Why was I doing this when I could have been under my cosy blanket, I asked myself whilst huffing and puffing away?
Rhonda provided the perfect reason for me to persist. When we are old and toothless, we can look back on every Summer Solstice and reminisce about how we rode up the zig zag, before sunrise!
zig zags 2
A gaggle of Pedallers, in early dawn
zig zags 1
We stopped and soaked in the sunrise at the scenic lookout after the seven corners. The gusty winds and bent trees ensured that we would remember this day more clearly than others.
Glencoe road was a bit brain rattling with its rubbly surface. This was reversed at the top of Tobin’s Track – an amazing view and a mind calming zen moment.

For most of us, attempting the steep Tobin’s descent was a first, but along the way, Lorne gave us tips on how to tackle it better. Not wanting to be a roadblock, I chose to be at the back. This gave me a perfect view of Lorne’s bunny hops and steering finesse down the slopes.
We parted ways after a pleasant ride along the Arrow River towards Whitechapel road.

No regrets. A most memorable day.

Did you do something unique and bike related over the Festive period? If so, we'd love to hear from you!
Send me an email at: [email protected]