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Guest Blog: Queenstown Pedallers Sunday Rides - July 30 2017

The Queenstown Pedallers, Queenstown's most active and social cycling club meet up several times a week to drink coffee, have a yarn and ride their bikes. Active supporters of the Queenstown Trails Trust and we'd hedge a bet at most active user base of the trails, they have some great stories to tell. Read on to hear Sheena's MTB trip report from their Sunday ride...

MTB Riders: Eoin/Kyra O, Anaya S, Neil/Judy M, Austin/Sandra B, Steve J, Colin Mac, Geoff S, Jan A, Pam R, Nigel H, Gabrielle M, Graham S, Sheena A-T, Peter A*. *eBike

Sunday's ride was the first time my bike had been out for weeks! The blue skies and sunshine had inspired quite a few ski days, but it was time to blow the mud off the Giant Trance and catch up with the lovely Pedallers again! 

20170730 Top Team at top of Thompsons Hill 2

Top of Thompson's Hill

I'm glad I bumped into Nigel parking his car, as I’d no idea we met at the self-service petrol pumps! Told you I'd missed a few Sunday rides. 

A steady pace and avoiding river chills, led us along the main road, happily chatting until we met the river again at the Southern Discoveries suspension bridge. Jan gave good advice on looking out for ice on bridges and cattle grids, but all was fine! The frost wasn't slippery at all! 

I loved riding with Sandy, Sue, Nigel, Gabrielle and the others. The wheels and time flew by.

Somewhere along the route the group split, twice, but I couldn't tell you where! Some of us decided to ride clockwise after crossing the highway to Lake Hayes. The western side was totally rideable, but it was way muddier than anything previously encountered. The rest of the trail was in brilliant condition but I'd say Lake Hayes trail needs better drainage or more gravel? (or both? – Ed.)

20170730 Focus on the curve

Jan A leads Pam and Gabrielle down Thompson's Hill

By the time our mini group had enjoyed the snowy Remarks view, negotiated Christine's hill, posed for photos and chatted some more, we arrived back for coffee to find near-empty decimated tables in Postmasters courtyard and a few stragglers mopping up scones, jam and cream!

I blame Sandy for always suggesting the "long cut" over the “short cut”! 

Brilliant fun and didn't Pamela look flash in the pink waterproof jacket - now on sale with a great deal from Peter's box of surprises! 

See you on wheels soon, Sheena x


If you are interested in joining the Queenstown Pedallers on any of their weekly rides please do get in touch with Peter - [email protected].