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Archive: 04/01/2018

GibbstontoFrankton 40

Welcome to Tales from the Trails. We believe sharing stories of our trail users out and about on our trails gives you a better insight into our fabulous network than any marketing speak. Here at the Trust we like to hit the trails on a regular basis to meet our trail users and find out what the love about the Queenstown Trail. We'll stop and talk to locals who use the trails daily, athletes training for a big race and of course our visitors who want to see hit the trails to discover a whole new side to Queenstown.

If you'd like to feature in #talesfromthetrail get in touch with [email protected]

GUEST BLOG - The Pedallers Summer Solstice Ride

zig zags 3

A few hardy Queenstown Pedallers wanted to do something different for the Summer Solstice that they would always remember, and setting the alarm clock in the hour of five (am)... Read more about 'GUEST BLOG - The Pedallers Summer Solstice Ride'...