Give Your Team A Gift That Gives Back This Christmas


Social responsibility is becoming more important for organisations as both employees and consumers start to expect it.

Studies show that consumers are more willing to buy from companies that give back to a good cause (hello Queenstown Trails Trust!) and employers are more likely to recruit and retain good talent if your organisation actively demonstrates involvement in the community and supports charities. Employees who work for socially responsible organisations tend to be happier and more engaged.

So that's the WHY!

Now here's the HOW...

The Queenstown Trails Trust has designed a gift idea that will benefit both your team members AND the community.

Sign your team up for a QTT Corporate Gift Membership, they'll each receive a gift pack including a supporter ID tag, bike sticker and access to the Queenstown Trail Trust Strava cycling club. The Strava cycling club, led by our bike crazy CEO, Willy, is a way that you and your team will be able to log km’s cycled, access the company leaderboard, win spot prizes and go on organized team rides, plus get bonus feel good vibes from knowing that your team is part of a movement making cycling easier and safer in Queenstown.

Give a 'good' gift this Christmas and your philanthropy maybe rewarded with a happy, healthy and motivated workforce.


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