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Introducing Kevin Triboulat

We love nothing more than to hit the trails and meet our trail users. We want to get to know you, discover which parts of the trail you are riding and what you LOVE about our fantastic network. If you want to feature in #talesfromthetrail get in touch by emailing lou@queenstowntrail.org.nz.

We found local mountain biker Kevin and friends enjoying a winter ride on the sunny side of Queenstown, Kelvin Heights (Yes, it's the place to be in winter).


KT Talesfromthetrail

WHO? I’m Kevin Triboulat, I came all the way from France 4 years ago after hearing about the huge New Zealand MTB scene and I’ve been living the Queenstown dream since.

WHAT BRINGS YOU TO THE QUEENSTOWN TRAIL? I’m riding the Queenstown Trails (Frankton Track at least) every single day, on my way to work or town. Living on Frankton road and working at The Hilton in Kelvin Heights means I use the Frankton track all the time. It’s an easy and safe way to get between Queenstown and Frankton. And not having a car means these trails are essential to not having to use the road (have you seen the QTN traffic these days!?).

WHY? To me, mountain biking is a passion, I can get some fresh air, relax, clear my mind, have fun, all while getting some exercising or pushing myself. I like riding by myself to explore new trails and take time to enjoy the great outdoors, but riding with a bunch of friends is always a great time too, and some trails are wide enough to ride side by side, have a chat without being in the way of other trail users.

WHERE ARE YOU RIDING/WALKING? I just love riding bikes, it is such an easy way to cover some distance and see more stuff without having to worry too much about the way back (like when walking). I really enjoy riding around the Kelvin Heights Peninsula, the view is awesome, lots of sun on that side of the lake too, plus apples, kiwis and other fruits and berries hidden on the way, great art and point of view all the way round.

WHAT BIKE ARE YOU RIDING? I’m riding a Mondraker Dune RR, great trail bike for Queenstown. Perfect to ride flat sections to work or town, but also great to ride all the top trails of the Skyline Bike Park and explore Queenstown’s mountains.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE QUEENSTOWN TRACK? I must admit that Queenstown mountains are hiding some of the best trail I’ve ride. ‘Beached as ‘ is one of those trails that keeps you wanting to pedal uphill, as it gets you to some of the best trails. You can be on top of the trails in under 2 hours from town and have 15 to 20 minutes or enjoyment cruising down. Also‘ Salmon run’ is pretty awesome (shout out to the awesome work from the QMTBC).
These local trails allow me to go for a good 2 to 3 hours of riding before work. The Queenstown dream, why wouldn’t you?